Project Management

Project Management

The Competence Center Project Management shares its years of experience from external and internal projects with customers. With its project management experience, targens creates sustainable added value for projects in the IT sector and ensures the success of its customers’ projects. In addition to specialist and technical Competence Centers, the Project Management Competence Center expands the offering with methodological project management know-how.

Experience facilitates success

According to the principle “Experience facilitates success” the Competence Center supports the complete life cycle of an IT project, from the requirements analysis and initialisation through the execution to the go-live support.

Competence Center

Support for various projects

The project manager works on the project with the customer. The various roles are filled as required:

  • Project management/Overall project management: Taking overall responsibility for a project
  • Specialist project management: Project management with a focus on specialist and/or procedural aspects
  • IT project management: Management of implementation and development projects
  • Project Office (PO): Focus on administrative and coordinative project activities
  • Project Management Office (PMO): Central coordination unit for project portfolios
  • Test management: from test planning to test case definition and test reporting to defect management

Tools and More

In Tools and More, targens focuses on the tools and methods required for successful and efficient project management. The customised services relate to project templates, best practice approaches, real practical examples, a know-how database and decision support for efficient management of customer requirements. We also carry out feasibility studies and market and trend analyses and develop creative ideas for all project situations.

The project management mentoring programme targets the dissemination of knowledge and experience and professional and personal further development. Beyond the full range of services for relevant project roles, new strategies are increasingly coming into focus. targens offers different levels of mentoring:

Personal & professional development with the mentoring program


Speed Mentoring

Based on a knowledge database, project-management relevant information and know-how is made accessible (self-service).


Spot Mentoring

In the context of so-called formal mentoring, customers can book experienced project management specialists for individual issues or individual conversations.


Advisory Mentoring

This formal service spans a long project period and offers a guiding and supporting form of mentoring. With this interdisciplinary and cross-departmental approach, targens attaches particular importance to empathy and trust between mentor and mentee.

The service portfolio spans the expansed project life cycle: from the idea to the design and implementation to the testing and production assistance.

On request, targens also offers professional coaching for extended support of mentees and coachees, to deal with individual topics that go beyond the mentoring programme.

For project management training, targens provides practice-tested training concepts that are also used in internal training and further education. The offer covers basic modules, consulting skill training and individual training courses on special topics.

targens focuses on current project methods (classic, flexible, hybrid), practical experience from numerous customer projects, the adaptation of best practice approaches in project organisation, networking in PM communities, specialist know-how in a range of specialist financial areas (transactions, compliance, overall bank management, trade, etc.) as well as regulatory and legal requirements (compliance, data protection, IT security).

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