“SCULPTURES” – Exhibition opening “June 20, 2013

As a further highlight, we are continuing our exhibition series “Dialogue with Art”, this time with a focus on the topic “Sculpturing” and the works of Hans-Peter Östermann.
The artist, Hans-Peter Östermann:
His sculptural works of art include expressive SCULPTURES from a variety of materials, that the artist is presenting in his “Retrospective 2007 – 2012” in the premises of the Cellent Finance Solutions AG.
Stone, wood, metal, paper, cardboard – for Hans-Peter Östermann these materials are not contradictory, they’re exciting. As well as the implementation of a broad range of different techniques, which drive him to search, experiment and act on inner impulses to incorporate them creatively. And thus proves how wonderfully soft shapes can be created out of hard stone.

“The art within the stone – the stone as Art” 

On his new path as a sculptor, Hans-Peter Östermann feels he has found “his profession” – the passion for designing, the craftsman work performed with powerful machines – all this is what fuels his enthusiasm for sculpting.
A path that has actually just begun, a new and exciting path with a lot of creative drive.

Visit the exhibition – where you can look forward to inspiring encounters in a relaxed environment. The artist will be present at the opening.

Discover the evolutionary history of the works of art, while enjoying a culinary snack and interesting dialogs.

The exhibition is located in the foyer of Cellent Finance Solutions AG (Calwer Straße 33, 70173 Stuttgart) and will be on display for the next five months.