AnaCredit – Analytical Credit Dataset

ECB decides on the introduction of a granular credit reporting | Standardized data repositories continue to be in the focus of attention | Cellent Finance Solutions can support the implementation of your AnaCredit projects

Background – goal

In February 2014, the European Central Bank made the decision to introduce a harmonized framework based on granular credit data. It is aimed at creating credit databases on a national level, as well as a compiled database on the Euro-system level.The goal is to ensure the fulfillment of the tasks pertaining to the stability of the financial market, and the supervision of the credit institutions. Through this decision, the national central banks were commissioned to implement the corresponding measures by the end of 2016. Inspired by its original “Analytical Credit Datasets” designation, the project is named “AnaCredit”.

Notification requirement – dates

The specifications regarding the granular credit data to be provided is currently being prepared and will probably have following parameters:

> Reporting limit:
per borrower as of €25,000, and on a consolidated basis as of €350.000

> Reporting cycle:
monthly, quarterly, and for master data continuously when changes occur

> Type of Introduction:
multi-staged from 2017 to 2020

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