Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

With the Competence Center Intelligent Automation , targens combines its longstanding experience in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Integrated Bank Management and Financial Markets Regulation, in oder to create optimal solutions for ist customers in the field of Digital Innovation.

The Competence Center Intelligent Automation combines all the professional competencies of targens such as consulting, integrated bank management and financial markets, e.g. ESG, regulatory reporting, trade regulation and integrated financial architecture. In combination with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) service portfolio: strategy consulting, conceptualisation, pilot studies, data analysis, data collection, development of machine learning models for structured and unstructured data.



We apply modern techniques such as natural language processing and optical character recognition.

  • Process optimisation and automation
  • Reducing risks
  • Improving the quality of decisions
  • Cost reduction
  • Scalability
  • Improving efficiency

Current project - Regulatory Observation Bot

The Competence Center Intelligent Automation is currently developing the Regulatory Observation Bot (ROB). This currently maps two use cases: periodic AI meets Consulting monitoring of websites and analysis of documents. Further use cases can be developed tailored to customer requirements.

With this innovative AI-supported software system, websites can be periodically monitored for new content, e.g. publications and articles. Relevant content is identified and summarised in a report by using AI. This means that you and your company are always up to date on the defined topics.

Success Story

"Another field of application of the Regulatory Observation Bot (ROB) is the increase in efficiency when searching a large number of documents, e.g. publications and articles. For this purpose, ROB offers the possibility of automatically transferring any number of documents to a knowledge database. This can then be searched like a Google search. The search takes place across document boundaries and only returns the most relevant results." (targens-employee)

“ROB found all the relevant documents, and some more.” (targens-employee)

“The regulatory research in the Competence Center Risk Management is made much easier by ROB.” (targens-employee)

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