Finance Digital: From the idea to implementation



Digitization has the financial industry firmly in its grip; high time to rethink existing business models – with disruptive technologies like blockchain, API and specialist themes, we are shaping the payment of the future. Together with our clients, we analyse the central challenges of digitization and develop suitable solutions based on these technologies. We support with ideas, methods and developments. We know the challenges of our clients. And we have known them for many years. If you want to be successful in the market tomorrow, you have to proactively deal with the changes in the market today.

DLT2Pay as an important payment component

With DLT2Pay, targens has a solution in its portfolio to connect blockchain and DLT networks with established payment transaction systems of banks. This allows payments from bank accounts to be triggered directly from the blockchain or DLT network. This is how fully digital business processes are created. With DLT2Pay, banks provide their clients with the payments component they need to build and operate digital ecosystems.


Highlights for banks

  • DLT2Pay builds on existing legal structures
  • No accounting adjustments required as no cryptocurrencies are used
  • Payment processing through SEPA and SWIFT
  • Connection to existing KYC and compliance systems
  • Connection to the established payment traffic


Highlights for network operators

  • Simultaneous-performance transactions
  • Multibank capability
  • SEPA/SWIFT payment processing enables payments to be made in the euro zone or worldwide through SWIFT.
  • Mapping of different currencies
  • Payment confirmation in the network in real time
  • Payment performance promptly – depending on the bank
  • No currency risk

Factsheet DLT2Pay
Blockchain / Distributed Ledger

Trust through transparency and immutability in transactions – these are the clear advantages of blockchain/distributed ledger technology. It has the potential to significantly improve business models. Technology forms the backbone on which business partners regroup and establish themselves. No comparable technology has as much impact on the business process. We support our clients in their challenges with these technologies through personal consultancy and individual project support.


Services and tools

  • Blockchain/Distributed Ledger – technical support in various protocols, consultancy on choosing the right technology and architecture, support in evaluating the use case in terms of technology.
  • Focus topics: Payment, tokenization and identity
  • Support for the productive implementation of Blockchain/DLT in the client’s data Centre.

Different clients and situations require different methods. We advise you individually and personally with an eye for the big picture.