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Conversational AI

Innovative speech recognition technologies are gaining acceptance in more and more fields of application – including the business world. AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) are often used as digital assistants – they understand human colloquial language, recognize semantic connections and draw conclusions from the information they gather. Skills that are perfect, for example, for improving communication between humans and computers. In practice, similar technologies are often active in client support. There they increase client satisfaction and reduce internal costs.

targens has been involved in the development of conversational AI solutions for many years.

The steps from project planning to implementation:


At the beginning there is a detailed needs analysis and the calculation of the economic efficiency. Product development on the basis of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is based on the idea of developing a ready-to-use laboratory model in a short time in order to be able to obtain specific client feedback. In parallel, we design initial scaling scenarios.


Based on the specifications, prototype development including a demonstration of the planned functionalities is started.


The next phase is to incorporate the findings. In addition, there is the adaptation to the system environment of the client.


In this phase the final MVP is developed and, in most cases, goes live after a short time. Open interfaces (APIs) enable implementation as an on-premises variant (in your own company), in a specific cloud environment or in our targens Cloud.


After successful implementation, the MVP can be expanded or adapted to client needs at any time – both horizontally and vertically.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI can be used in a variety of ways:

  • on the web (chatbot, client support)
  • on a smartphone or tablet (app, mobile messenger)
  • through a voice portal (Voice-Based Interaction)
  • through a contact center (Interactive Voice Response)
  • through a infoscreen (Human Support Augmentation)

The focus is on a self-developed speech recognition system that can be operated on-site in your company. The advantages: significantly higher client satisfaction, relief for support personnel and reduced costs.

Exploratory, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
Monitor production processes and detect fraud attempts

Das Erkennen von Mustern, Trends und Zusammenhängen aus bestehenden Daten wird als Exploratory Analytics bezeichnet. So kann z. B. eine Kundensegmentierung mit Clustering-Verfahren erfolgen. Die Kunden werden anhand ihres Verhaltens in homogene Klassen eingeteilt, wodurch eine spezifische Ansprache der Kunden ermöglicht wird. Predictive analytics deals with recognising patterns and making predictions. Prescriptive Analytics additionally provides recommendations for action, such as how a certain trend can be influenced in the desired direction, how an expected event can be prevented or how to react to a future event. Both AI methods are already being used in a wide range of industries – from automation in mechanical engineering (Industry 4.0) to healthcare (treatment of diseases) and optimization of marketing strategies to fraud detection in banks and insurance companies.

Alle drei AI-Verfahren kommen bereits heute in den verschiedensten Branchen zum Einsatz – von der Automatisierung im Maschinenbau (Industrie 4.0) über das Gesundheitswesen (Behandlung von Krankheiten) und die Optimierung von Marketingstrategien bis zur Fraud Detection (Betrugserkennung) bei Banken und Versicherungen. Our solutions cover the entire cycle of analytics: from data collection to quality assurance in operation.

Explainable AI – XAI AI decisions explainable and transparent

Every artificial intelligence project needs documentation that can be used to track the decisions made. In a nutshell, AI and XAI belong together. The targens AI team offers both analysis services and individual software solutions for this task.


What is "Explainable AI"?

Explainable AI (XAI) comprises methods and technologies that make the activities of an AI transparent and clearly explainable. XAI aims to understand exactly why the AI made specific decisions.


Why is explainable AI so important?

With many AI-based systems, the user cannot understand how and why the results at hand were produced. Due to this “black box” issue, AI processes cannot be used in many cases for legal reasons, for example in automated financial trading or in the assessment of medical studies. Companies therefore need AI that makes comprehensible and reproducible decisions. Explainable AI takes on a central function here and is a precondition for the compliant use of AI.


What XAI solutions does targens offer you?

Our AI team first analyses your models. In doing so, we also assess proprietary systems. You will receive a comprehensive report on the functioning of your model, including an analysis of the predictions already made. A results report explains them individually and comprehensibly. Additionally, our AI team helps automate the XAI process. For this purpose we develop and program individual software and integrate it into existing workflows. The result: your models and the decisions made by your AI can be consistently and automatically explained – in an intelligible way.


What are the advantages and benefits I gain from the targens XAI solutions?

  • With targens XAI, predictions of the AI become intelligible for the user.
  • Our solutions play an important role in optimising and improving AI systems. Because with XAI methods and technologies, errors and deviations in the models are detected in time. This prevents wrong and unwanted decisions.
  • With our XAI solutions, AI models and AI systems can be productively deployed even in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and finance. Only targens XAI can explain the AI-based models and systems.
  • XAI can also be used as a basis for “Prescriptive Analytics”. It is not just a matter of predicting the future, but of actively managing it. This makes it possible to use explainable AI predictions to guide future sales before they actually happen.

Die Vorteile sind eine deutlich höhere Kunden-
zufriedenheit, die Entlastung von Mitarbeitern
im Support und reduzierte Kosten.

AI Spracherkennung – Sprache und Innovation

Solve the “black box” problems of your AI models and AI systems with targens XAI solutions. Expand the use of AI – especially in industries with strict compliance requirements. Continuously optimize your AI models and AI systems and actively use AI to manage processes for the future.

Ob neuronales Netzwerk, maschinelles Lernen, Deep Learning oder innovative Spracherkennungstechnologien – in den letzten Jahren wurden in den Bereichen der Sprachsteuerung und Spracherkennung von Artificial Intelligence (AI) enorme technische Fortschritte verzeichnet. In der Forschung werden stetig neue Erkenntnisse rund um die künstliche Sprachintelligenz aufgezeigt, die die Kommunikation zwischen Mensch und Computersystem verbessern soll.

Immer häufiger werden Spracherkennung AI-Technologien als digitale Sprachassistenten in verschiedenen Anwendungsbereichen der Business-Welt eingesetzt. Die AI-Spracherkennung lässt sich in der Praxis optimal im Banking und Finanzsektor einsetzen. Sei es im Customer Support oder auf der eigenen Webseite der Unternehmen in Form von Website Chatbots: automatisierte digitale Konversationen, die sich dank künstlicher Intelligenz und Faktoren wie Machine Learning weiterentwickeln, reduzieren nicht nur den internen Aufwand und die Kosten, sondern erhöhen zusätzlich die Kundenzufriedenheit. Information kann dank relevant eingesetzter Conversational AI ohne Verzögerung im Netz erkannt, aufgenommen und weiterverwendet werden. Bei targens beraten wir Sie ganz individuell zu ganzheitlichen AI- und XAI-Lösungen unter Einsatz unserer eigenentwickelten Technologie zur Spracherkennung.

Different clients and situations require different methods. We advise you individually and personally with an eye for the big picture.