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Digital Identity

Digital identity is playing an increasingly important role in all fields of life. In order to combine technological progress with data security, targens offers numerous solutions.

Together with our clients, we analyse the central challenges of digitization and develop suitable solutions based on these technologies. We support with ideas, methods and developments. We know the challenges of our clients. And we have known them for many years. If you want to be successful in the market tomorrow, you have to proactively deal with the changes in the market today.

mySaveID/Solution for confirmed personal and company identities

Secure digital identities are the foundation for trustworthy electronic business relationships and for a functioning Internet of Things (IoT). They ensure that companies, persons and machines can conclude business relationships in a secure, trustworthy and legally compliant manner. Digital identities thus play a key role in the digitization of value networks.

The targens identity service mySaveID is a complete solution for digital identities in the B2B sector – from the creation and administration to the release of identity data to third parties and the use for qualified electronic signatures. Thus, the service assumes responsibility for the checked data. The compatibility of the identity service with a wide range of distributed ledger technologies and the SSI standard is unique on the market to date.

Services and Tools mySaveID


mySaveID - Services

  • Securely create and manage digital identities for businesses, persons and machines.
  • Verification of company and personal data
  • Disclosure of identity or data to third parties, e.g. business partners (Self Souverain Identity/Verifiable Credentials)
  • Independent management of signature authorizations in the company
  • Signing documents with a qualified electronic signature
  • Easy integration into existing applications and networks (API)
  • Compatible with blockchain platforms and other distributed ledger technologies

Different clients and situations require different methods. We advise you individually and personally with an eye for the big picture.