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Legal requirements, new technologies and the progress of digitization:  The highly specialized services of banks and financial service providers are constantly being confronted with new regulatory, organizational and technical challenges. The result:  Business processes are subject to constant change but still have to remain efficient.

However, process optimization initiatives remain sporadic and ineffective without a holistic approach and sound consultancy. The consultancy services from targens cover the following fields:

Well-founded advice and an integral approach

How does bank management become an integrated financial architecture? Can you customize trading success? Does compliance have to be viewed holistically? Where do you stand in the digitization process? Any more questions?
You will find answers here.


Technical analysis and valuation

In the beginning was the “what”. The basis is the understanding of the requirements and goals of our clients. Whether it is the introduction of an integrated financial architecture, reporting and accounting or risk and financial controlling – we assess your requirements and provide you with individual and vendor-neutral consultancy. To do this, we analyse the legal context and assess its relevance in your context. The result is specific proposals for implementation in line with your goals.


System assessment

After the “what” we work out the “how” for you. Based on your current system landscape, we will show you where you can expand existing applications in a cost-saving manner and where it is more efficient and future-orientated to introduce and build new systems. This leads to comprehensible solutions and well-founded decision-making bases for the challenges in the financial industry of today and tomorrow.


Project planning and management

Every project is different, and every client has their own requirements for the conduct of their business. Our planning is based on recognised methods and takes your individual situation into account. Whether Agile or classic – we take a solution-oriented approach and adhere to the time and budget constraints.


Requirement management

We consider the requirements of our clients holistically but still individually. Dependencies, complexities, requirements and goals of your business processes are considered in every phase of consultancy and implementation. This results in a concept with clear priorities and consistent transparency and we ensure the feasibility through active requirement management.


Technical and architectural conception

Based on the analyses of your goals and context conditions, we summarise the findings into meaningful and IT-specific technical concepts that lay a valuable foundation for documentation and audit security. We work together with your enterprise architects, your system managers and your IT operations and develop a robust architecture concept for our solution in line with your IT strategy.


Process (re)design

In the context of the business concept, we pay special attention to your processes and their efficiency. Based on well-founded, methodical process know-how, we have comprehensive knowledge and experience in business processing as well as in structural and process organization. To this end, we bring specialist and IT departments together. You benefit from a cross-departmental know-how transfer without the typical change management problems.


Data modelling

The core element of viable solutions is forward-looking business and technical data modelling. targens Consulting has a widely used financial data model and can use it to verify and extend your existing data models as well as create and integrate new, extensible entities, objects and functions.


Development and implementation

targens Consulting offers you project solutions from one source including development and implementation in all common technical environments. As a contracting partner, we guarantee you a calculable success and a secure project performance in terms of employment law.


Test management

The measurability and proof of the performance of our solutions is a continuous factor in our work. We employ consultants certified in test methodology who develop and execute test cases along the business concept and document them in an audit-proof manner. For regression testing, we develop automated test cases with corresponding applications for ongoing quality assurance of your applications. We are also happy to support you in setting up subject-specific test databases and establishing QA processes throughout the company. Early testing and the use of pre-production measures ensure that the business department is already familiar with all processes before go-live.


Customization and parameterization

When it comes to software customization, maximum efficiency is what really matters. We orient ourselves to your company standard and document our adaptations openly and in an audit-proof manner. So you can continue to work with it independently at any time.


Productivity, coaching and training

We do not leave you alone but support you all the way in the productive use of our solutions. In IT operations as well as through coaching and training for the departments, we ensure that our customers completely achieve their goals.


System operation and maintenance

Do you really need your own employees for the development of new areas and business segments? targens Consulting creates freedom for you and takes over the operation, maintenance and continued development of your current applications. When combined with user support, incident management and continuous reporting, you can rest assured that everything is running smoothly!

The development and optimization of business processes in the areas of banks and financial service providers is a matter of attention to detail;  together with our clients, targens Consulting develops solutions for current and future challenges in the fields of bank administration, risk and financial controlling, accounting/balancing as well as loans/collateral and trading/financial transactions using state-of-the-art technologies and methods.

Different clients and situations require different methods. We advise you individually and personally with an eye for the big picture.