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Compliance for Finance

Compliance for Finance

For the financial sector, Compliance for Finance and the product series SMARAGD offer a variety of modern and futuristic solutions for all topics concerning compliance. With the products of Compliance for Finance financial institutes cover all fields. They are therefore always on the safe side.


Risk Documentation

Each financial institute has to check its compliance risk on a regular basis and document the results. The risk analysis supports the entire process and displays the results in a central document.


Politically Exposed Persons / Examination & Screening

Politically exposed persons (PEPs) are subject to a special duty of care. With our PEP module, possible exposed persons can be identified and used for company-wide risk assessments of customer portfolios. This is made possible by the integration of lists such as Dow Jones, WorldCheck and others. The supplementary negative media screening takes a similar line. The reputation of the customer is in the foreground.


Financial Fraud / Fraud Prevention

In the fight against financial fraud, the identification of conspicuous behavior plays a major role. Due to the large amounts of data, fraud can usually only be detected with intelligent software. It scans business data for fraud patterns and reports significant deviations from known behavior.


Know Your Customer (KYC) – Customer Assessment

We make the risk-based controlling of the entire Customer Risk Lifecycle possible – from the customer onboarding to the controlling of existing customers. The risks are detected individually for each customer and is assigned to a risk class. For each customer the degree of due diligence can be determined individually.


AML – Anti Money Laundering

Our intelligent software makes it possible to prevent the concealment and placement of illegal funds. A scenario and indicator model serves as a basis and includes the international experience of hundreds of banks.


CTF – Counter Terrorist Financing

The solutions by targens check all relevant information such as payments and customer data in real-time for sanction violations while inter alia using data from internal and external sanctions and embargo lists. Conspicuous processes can thereby be stopped and analyzed at an early stage.


Correspondent Bank Monitoring

Foreign transactions are very vulnerable for money laundering and terrorism financing. With intelligent solutions, banks minimize the risk that occurs when payments pass through correspondent banks. Hits are displayed quickly and clearly. This is inter alia possible, since the SWIFT message is decomposed and checked.

Product Finance

SMARAGD TCM Combating terrorist financing and monitoring embargoes
Transaction controlling & Monitoring (TCM) checks payment transactions and client data for embargo breaches and financial sanctions. Sanction checks are performed based on international, national and institution-specific lists. With the help of PEP lists, additional persons can be identified that have to be monitored more intensely.

SMARAGD IAC is part of our product SMARAGD TCM. It provides high security and quality for the alert assessment, fast pre-decisions and compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Further opportunities with SMARAGD TCM

Compliance Solutions on the highest level

SMARAGD MDS Transaction Monitoring in order to identify conspicuous customer behavior in respect to money laundering and financial crime
Monitoring and Detection System (MDS) enables the up-to-date monitoring of transactions of customers and accounts. Indicators and scenarios can be adjusted flexibly to business processes and new risk situations. In the integrated alert management, conspicuities are analyzed and assessed.

SMARAGD ICS ist auch Bestandteil unseres Produkts SMARAGD MDS. Es hilft noch effizienter Geldwäsche zu bekämpfen.

SMARAGD CBM Detection of suspicious transaction activity by correspondent banks
Correspondent Bank Monitoring (CBM) minimizes the risk of money laundering and illegal transfers of funds when they pass through correspondent banks. CBM verifies payments by decomposing the SWIFT message, assists with analysis, and offers flexible case processing and audit-proof documentation.

Factsheet SMARAGD CBM.pdf

SMARAGD CRS IT-supported risk analysis
The Compliance Risk System (CRS) identifies compliance risks at various levels. It helps in the preparation of risk analyses and in the detection and prevention of financial crime.