Compliance for Corporates

SMARAGD BPI (Business Partner Integrity)

Legal risks lurk everywhere for companies; especially when it comes to contact with customers and business partners. All companies are affected by legal requirements and their changing nature, and with an efficient compliance management system, companies can ensure adherence to these laws. Anticipating compliance needs and acting on those in a timely manner can help protect a company’s assets and reputation. targens can support you with this.

Long Standing Compliance Expertise

With the help of compliance subject matter experts, targens has developed a proprietary business partner management system that can offer you a simple and effective solution, giving you the security you need for all your compliance requirements.

SMARAGD BPI, the targens Business Partner Integrity solution, will enable you to easily identify legal risks in your network earlier, thereby either preventing risks from happening or ensuring faster and more effective action against violations. targens will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive compliance management solution tailored specifically to your company’s needs, enabling streamlined prevention and reaction.


Implementation of the tool

  • Inventory and evaluation of existing measures (review)
  • Execution of a needs-based compliance risk analysis
  • Implementation of an up-to-date CMS (from code of conduct and guidelines to communication, IT solutions and control concepts)
  • Consultation on the implementation of the compliance organization
  • Management of outsourced tasks such as business partner reviews and incoming whistleblower notices

Value added of the solution

  • Gain security through an efficient compliance solution
  • Work efficiently through modern and customized tools
  • Receive comprehensive consulting by experts

The SMARAGD team will be happy to help you.